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airport limousine bus

Located some 32 miles west of downtown Seoul, Incheon International Airport offers convenient Airport Limousine Bus service to various destinations in Seoul.  Departing every 15 to 20 minutes, one-way travel on these deluxe motorcoaches takes about an hour, depending on traffic. Passengers may reserve a seat upon arrival in Seoul, and reservations are not required.
Fare: The one-way fare of the deluxe limousine bus is $12,000 won (~12 USD).

Busan Airport Transfers
Fare: The one-way fare of the local airport transportation is about $6 (USD).

Jeju Airport Transfers
Fare: The one-way fare of the local airport transportation is about $5 (USD).

Taxi Service

There are several types of taxi service operating from Incheon International Airport.

Jumbo Taxi Service: The service is good for up to 9 people per car. Car phone and interpretation service are available and credit card payments are accepted. Fares begin at 4,000 KRW per kilometer.

Deluxe Taxi Service: A convenient service for non-Korean speaking travelers, the Deluxe Taxi Service provides car phone service for passengers needing language assistance. Fares begin at 4,000 KRW per kilometer.

Regular Taxi Service: The most limited type of taxi transportation, in terms of services, fares begin at 1,300 KRW.

Estimated Fares & Travel Times

Destination Travel Time Estimated Fare
    Regular Deluxe
Gimpo Airport 40 minutes 27,000 40,000
Yongdeungpo Station 55 minutes 35,000 53,000
Seoul City Hall 60 minutes 36,000 63,000
Lotte World, Jamshil 75 minutes 45,000 70,000

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