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Mountains, mists and monasteries
Korea is proud of an ancient history. Her myths and legends are embedded and enshrined in a spectacularly beautiful land of rugged mountains, dense forests, rugged coasts and traditional villages. This trip will take you to the heart of Korea's culture, spiritual identity and most venerated holy places, while providing an active, interpreted experience of everyday life in Korea. You will be there for the spectacular seasonal color and festivals...more

Music Performance tour
Traveling with songs is a unique experience, finding music is a wonderful way to communicate over, under and around all barriers of language, race, and culture. Your tour will be unforgettable, priceless memories, with transcendent moments which could happen any other way like blending your voices with the local chorales' at churches, schools, village halls, or parks, etc...more

Gourmet tour
The staple crops in Korea are rice, beans, and various grains. The seasonal climate of the peninsula lends itself to the cultivation of diverse products including varieties of vegetables. Korea is surrounded by the sea on three sides, and the conflux of cold and warm currents in coastal areas yield a bountiful harvest of marine products...more

Ceramic tour
Korea boasts a long history of ceramics dating back to the late 9th century, second only to China. It is no wonder that ceramics make up a large portion of the remaining cultural relics on display at home and abroad; more than 30,000 ceramics treasures among a total of 100,000 treasures are on display in the National Museum of Korea...more

Hand Acupunture
A recent addition to Korea's contribution to Oriental medicine is the Koryo Hand Therapy(KHT). This was developed in the 1970s on the principle that the hand can be a microcosm of the entire body, and that most of the 360 basic acupuncture points can be mapped out on the palm and back of the hand and the fingers...more

Icheon Pottery Village Tour and Siluk Temple(Full Day)
Along with several other ceramic styles, you can discover the original Korean technique of pottery dating back to the 12th century. The tour includes an instructional session to create your own work of art with the option of having it delivered to your home after the final oven-baking process...more
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