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Be a black belt Master of Taekwondo
All of the participants take part in the Taekwondo practice in the Gukkiwon, head quarter of the world federation of Taekwondo, for a few hours including Taekwondo dances and enjoy the demonstration of korean Taekwondo masters.
After the course of the Taekwondo, a black belt certification as a souvenir will be presented to all the participants in the name of the masters.

Taekwondo is a traditional Korean martial art that is practiced by 5.3 million black belt masters and more than 40 million students in over 170 countries. Primarily a defensive martial art form, Taekwondo is a wholesome exercise that fuses the mind and body into one.

Korean traditional cooking party
- Making Kimchi and Grill Bulgogi/Galbi

Making a various Kimchi and Party
Each participant prepares and makes self selected Kimchi. Prepared Kimchi will be tasted by the recommended judge and winner will be designated. A certification of a sellected Kimchi will be delivered to each of the participants. Prepared Kimchi will be served for the dinner party.

Korean food has also developed in response to the climate. In regions where the winter is long, special preservation techniques for vitamin-rich vegetable recipes have evolved.

Kimchi includes varieties of fermented vegetables that can be preserved for long periods. There are now more than 160 varieties of kimchi differentiated by region and ingredients.

Bulgogi and Galbi Cooking competition and Party
All the participants will get the recipe and prepare bulgogi and galbi for themselves. Grilled Bulgogi and Galbi will be tasted by the judge and sellected a winner with the ceremony. After competition, all the participants will obtain the certification of Bulgogi or Galbi cook and the party go on with self prepared Bulgogi and Galbi.
These two meat dishes, either pork or beef, are always served at Korean dinner parties. Galbi is ribs; bulgogi is thin strips marinated then grilled. Neither is particularly spicy and, if cooked at your table over a charcoal fire, it resembles a barbecue.

Two foods that people have come to identify with Korea are kimchi, a fermented vegetable dish, and bulgogi, a marinated meat dish. Whereas kimchi is a staple dish that is eaten at every meal, bulgogi is more like a party food in that it is generally eaten on special occasions and when dining out or entertaining guests. Koreans tend to favor beef when entertaining or eating out, and bulgogi is one of the most popular beef dishes and one that even non-Koreans find very tasty.

Temple stay and Meditation, Tea Ceremony
Korean temples, steeped in history and tradition, have opened their secluded sanctuaries to overseas visitors with temple stay programs. Experience this unique temple life from sublime pre-dawn chanting to vegetarian meals. Celebrate the grace of a tea ceremony, feel the tranquility of Zen meditation, and enjoy Buddhist statues, paintings, and dances. These are all combined to enrich every moment of your stay.

Enjoy farmer's Dance or Mask dance at Namsangol Hanok Village
We will have a short learning course of the korean farmers & Mask dances and will dress in traditional costume to perform the Korean farmer's dance or Mask dance at Hanok Village.

During ancient times masks were believed to drive away malicious spirits, diseases, and fearsome animals.

Hanok Village
The collection of Korean homes in this village is not a recreation; the structures are relocated, original buildings of wealthy residents of Seoul, including the personal residence of Queen of the Josun Dynasty. Here, you can learn and experience Korea's traditional culture and lifestyle.
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