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The BEXCO is greeting the first anniversary from establishment on May 23, 2001. Now the BEXCO, encouraged by folks and customers, set up a base to step out onto the exhibition convention center which gathers attention by the world as well as Korea, and took position as the pride of all the folks and a new substitution of local economy in 21st century.

The achievements that BEXCO made within only a year since establishment was incredible records that cannot be found in any exhibition convention center. The BEXCO have hold several international events successfully including 2002 Korea/Japan Worldcup final draw ceremony, Busan International Motor Show, and Busan Shipbuilding Ocean Festival (Marine Week). After opening, BEXCO had over 2,700,000 visitors and the operation rate of the exhibition hall was over 35%, so it almost reaches to 40%, the turning point of loss to profit.


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